Since 2018, Wren's Garden has been a nursery focussed on the sale of discount trees, shrubs, and perennials. Jack Sellyeh and his wife Lindsay Somerville are proud to have set up this nursery as a family business. Wren's Garden was named in honour of Jack and Lindsay's daughter, Kenzie Wren Sellyeh and is sure to provide a wonderful environment for her to grow up in.

Jack Sellyeh has worked in a variety of nursery settings including Lindsay's family's wholesale nursery and has always had a passion for horticulture and a love of growing plants. This passion was the driving force for the creation of this nursery and is sure to be what sustains it in the years to come.

In years past, when looking for plants for landscaping and gardening projects, Jack found that the medium/large sized plants he was coming across were being sold at a price that was too high to allow him to complete the projects as he had planned. This sparked the idea for Wren's Garden, Jack believes that people should have access to small plants at great prices and be able to grow them to their full potential on their own property rather than pay for a nursery to do it for them. 

Wren's Garden has put its focus on small plants at discount prices and is excited to offer everyone the option to landscape and garden with tons of new plants at a price that makes it possible!

Wren's Garden has big plans for the expansion of its plant offerings and will be adding many species, varieties, and cultivars each year. If you're interested in a plant that we don't offer, be sure to let us know as we might have plans to add it to our lineup or we might add it specifically because of your suggestion!