Blue Ash - Fraxinus quadrangulata

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Zone: 4a

Native Range: North America

Height: 50-75 ft

Spread: 35-60 ft

Moisture: Adaptable

Light: Full Sun, Partial Shade

Growth rate: Medium

Bloom Time: April-May

Life span: 125-150 Years


Native ash trees populations are being decimated by the Emerald Ash Borer with less than 1% projected to survive, whether the remaining trees will provide a large enough of a seedbank to save the species remains to be seen but the outlook is bleak.

Blue Ash is a rare native ash tree with an exciting quality, it boasts a 60-80+% survival rate against EAB! Now is the time to start replacing your dead and dying ash trees with blue ash to ensure that ash trees aren’t a distant memory on your property. Wren’s Garden is committed to a new breeding program involving Blue Ash so that the stock we offer will continue to improve and be worthy of the task ahead of them, the repopulation of ash stands across Canada. We will be planting several locations with Blue ash, White Ash and Green Ash. When EAB inevitably strikes, the surviving blue ash genetics, now proven in a harsher growing zone will become the new source of our seed collection and we will be proud to offer the offspring to you.

The following link contains some information regarding Blue Ash’s resistance to EAB:

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